Academic Calendar
(All dates are Olin specific unless prefaced by a BBW school. For specific BBW calenders, please visit the host school’s website.) - Click to Enlarge

Academic Calendar 2014-15

(Note: All dates are Olin-specific unless prefaced by a BBW school name. For specific BBW calendars, please visit the host school's website.)

June 30 (M) - Health Insurance Waiver/Enrollment Forms due to StAR Center

July 1 (T) - Fall 2014 bills mailed to permanent addresses; First Year Student Immunization forms due to Babson Health Services

August 1 (F) - Fall 2014 payments due to StAR Center; deadline for enrolling in the TMS Monthly Payment Plan

August 6 (W) - Late fee of $150 imposed on past due balances

August 28 (Th) - Brandeis University - First day of instruction

August 30 (Sa) - Arrival Day for Class of 2018; West Hall opens at 9:00 a.m.

August 31 (Su) - September 3 (W) - Orientation: Academic Advising, Team Building, and Leadership Skills

September 1 (M) - [Labor Day - no classes]

September 2 (Tu) - Upperclass students begin arriving after 3:00 p.m. Campus closed to returning students before 3 p.m.; Wellesley College - First day of instruction

September 3 (W) - Babson College - First day of instruction

September 4 (Th) - First day of instruction, Fall Semester

September 10 (W) - Olin Session I: Add Deadline

September 17 (W) - Town Meeting; Olin Add Period ends; Constitution Day

September 19(F)-21(Su) - Reunion Weekend (Five-year - Class of 2009)

October 7 (Tu) - Olin Session I: Drop and Pass/No Credit Deadline ; Passionate Pursuit Application for Credit and Funding Request Deadline

October 8 (W) - Fall Career Fair

October 13 (M) - [Columbus Day - no classes]
October 17 (F) - Olin Session I: Withdraw Deadline

October 17 (F) - 19 (Su) - Family Weekend

October 21 (Tu) - 33rd instructional day; Course Substitution and Transfer Board Submission Deadline; Olin Session II (Fall) Begins

October 26 (Su) - Admission Open House

October 29 (W) - Olin Session II: Add Deadline

October 31 (F) - Approximate date for release of Spring 2015 Registration Materials

November 3 (M) - Spring 2015 bills mailed to local addresses or to applicable “billing address”

November 6 (Th) - OLIN MONDAY - Monday class schedule in effect; Last day to “drop” a course without a grade of “W”; Last day to declare Pass/No Credit grading option

November 10 (M) - Approximate begin date for Spring 2015 Spring registration

November 24 (M)-28 (F) - [Thanksgiving Recess - no classes]

December 1 (M) - Spring 2015 payments due to StAR Center

December 3 (W) - Olin Session II: Drop and Pass/No Credit Deadline

December 5 (F) - Late fee of $150 imposed on past due balances

December 8 (M) - Brandeis University - Last Day of instruction

December 9 (Tu) - Wellesley College - Last Day of instruction

December 10 (W) - Babson College - Last Day of instruction

December 11 (Th) - Olin College - Last Day of instruction; Last day to withdraw from a course with a grade of W; last day to request an “Incomplete” for the Fall term

December 12 (F) - Study Day; Course Substitution and Transfer Board Submission Deadline

December 15 (M) - 18 (Th) - Final Events

December 19 (F) - Olin Exposition

December 20 (Sa) - Residence Halls close at 5 p.m. for intersession

December 21 (Su) - January 19 (M) - [Intersession - no classes]

January 2 (F) - Grades and Competencies due for Fall 2014 semester; Incomplete grade changes due from Spring 2014 semester

January 12 (M) - Brandeis University - First day of instruction, Spring Semester

January 18 (Su) - Residence Halls open at 5:00 p.m.

January 20 (Tu) - Olin College, Babson College - First day of instruction, Spring Semester

January 26 (M) - Wellesley College - First day of instruction, Spring Semester; Olin Session I: Add Deadline

February 2 (M) - Olin Add Period Ends

February 4 (W) - Town Meeting

February 11 (W) - Spring Career Fair

February 15 (Su) - Financial Aid Deadline for prospective students

February 16 (M) - [Presidents' Day - no classes]

February 18 (W) - OLIN MONDAY - Monday class schedule in effect

February 20 (F) -21 (Sa) - Candidate Weekend I for Class of 2019

February 23 (M) - Olin Session I: Drop and P/NC Deadline; Passionate Pursuit Application for Credit and Funding Request Deadline

February 27 (F) -28 (Sa) - Candidate Weekend II for Class of 2019

March 5 (Th) - No Classes

March 6 (F) -7 (Sa) - Candidate Weekend III for Class of 2019

March 9 (M) - Olin Session I end: Session I Withdraw Deadline; 33rd instructional day; Course Substitution and Transfer Board Submission Deadline

March 10 (Tu) - Olin Session II: Begins

March 16 (M) -20 (F) - [Spring Break - no classes]

March 23 (M) - Olin Session II: Add Deadline

March 27 (F) - Approximate date for release of Fall 2015 Registration Materials

April 1 (W) - Olin full semester course: Last day to “drop” a course without a grade of “W”; Last day to declare Pass/No Credit grading option

April 6 (M) - Approximate begin date for Fall 2015 Registration

April 15 (W) - 2015-16 Financial Aid deadline for current students

April 20 (M) - [Patriot's Day - no classes]

April 21 (Tu) - OLIN MONDAY - Monday class schedule in effect; Olin Session II: Drop and P/NC Deadline

April 27 (M) - Brandeis University - Last day of instruction

April 29 (W) - Babson College - Last day of instruction

April 30 (Th) - Olin College - Last Day of instruction, Session II and Second Semester; Last day to withdraw from a course with a grade of W for full semester and Session II courses; last day to request an “Incomplete” for the Spring term

May 1 (F) - Study Day; Course Substitution and Transfer Board Submission Deadline

May 4 (M) -7 (Th) - Final Events

May 8 (F) - Wellesley College - Last day of instruction

May 11 (M) - Olin Exposition - Underclass projects and presentations (required for non-seniors); Grades for graduating Seniors due by 5pm

May 12 (Tu) - Olin Exposition - SCOPE Presentations

May 17 (Su) - Commencement for Class of 2015

May 18 (M) - Residence Halls close at 5 p.m.

May 22 (F) - Spring 2015 Grades and Competencies due by 5pm; Incomplete grades from Fall 2014 due


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Student Records and Registration

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Academic Policies
For a complete list of Olin's academic policies, please reference the current student handbook and / or the current college catalog. You can view electronic copies of these documents at:

Courses, Curriculum, Schedules and Registration
Olin College's curriculum is managed by the college's Academic Recommendation Board (the ARB). You can review your degree requirements, course descriptions and other relevant data on the curriculum by accessing the current college catalog.

The Student Records office works in conjunction with the ARB and the Academic Affairs Office to develop semester schedules for each registration period. Nominally, courses at Olin are four (4) semester hour credits and meet for 200 minutes per week during a thirteen (13) week semester, followed by a required Expo period which brings the semester length to a total of fifteen (15) weeks.. Some laboratory, design or project courses may vary from this standard pattern.

Course registration generally takes place in November for the spring semester and in April (or August for new students) for the fall semester. Materials are distributed to students and advisers approximately 10 days prior to registration. For additional information, please reference Registration Process in the Academics section of the current student handbook.

Registration Booklets: Click on the options below to view our present and archived registration materials. These also include the schedule of classes in list and grid formats.



Cross-Registration to BBW Schools
Olin College participates in cross-registration with Babson College, Brandeis University and Wellesley College (BBW). This mini-consortium is referred to at Olin as BBOW. Cross-registration is available for Olin students during the traditional fall and spring semesters. Students wishing to take part in an intersession or summer program at a BBW school may do so at their expense, and if access is not restricted to off-campus students.

Olin College students, except first semester freshmen, may take Arts, Humanities, Social Science or an elective course at other schools with which we have cross-registration policy agreements. Generally, first semester freshmen are not eligible for cross-registration, unless Olin designates specific courses designed for the first semester experience. Taking a course at another school will count toward your total degree credit load at Olin. Students cannot exceed twenty (20) total credits in a given semester.

Eligible Olin students are allowed to take one course at a host BBW school per semester. Students taking courses at another school should be careful to follow all academic policies, deadlines, etc. related to the host school. In order to submit a cross-registration request, use the cross-registration portlet under the MyStAR tab at The StAR Center will work with the host school to facilitate the registration. For a list of offerings at the host schools, see the BBW link section located on the left.

Cross-Registration to Olin from BBW Schools
Olin welcomes students from Babson, Brandeis and Wellesley to register for Olin courses. All courses except for the first year Olin Introductory Experience (OIE) courses are eligible for cross-registration with the permission of the Olin faculty member. BBW students should send a request for a course through their Registrar's Office to the Student Accounts and Records (StAR) Center. Cross-registration request forms can be found at the home institution. You may view Olin's offerings in the current registration booklet found above.

Certificate in Engineering Studies:  Through completion of a flexible set of five courses from the Olin curriculum, students can gain a general introduction to engineering or add engineering depth and rigor to their existing math, science or technical degree.  Full details may be seen at

4+1 Bachelor of Science Degree with Wellesley College:  The 4+1 program is a way for a Wellesley student to obtain a second bachelor's degree from Olin College through a fifth year of study.   Eligibility and enrollment information may be seen at

Babson-Olin-Wellesley Sustainability Certificate Program:  This five-course program integrates business, engineering, and the liberal arts in the service of environmental sustainability.  Full details may be seen at

Final Assessments
All courses have a scheduled date for a final event. Instructing faculty have the option to use this date for an in-class activity or exam or as the due date of a take home exam or final project. The intent of the final assessment schedule is to aid in providing effective time management skills during the final week of the semester. It also ensures that students will not have more than two activities due in a given day.

Transcripts & Enrollment/ Degree Verifications
Official and unofficial transcripts are available through the StAR Center. Transcripts represent all work within the Olin Continuum. Transcripts contain confidential information and require the consent of the current or former student to be released. In addition to offering free paper copies of transcripts, we now offer order tracking, pdf and electronic exchange delivery via The National Student Clearinghouse. For more detailed information on trancript types and order processing, please go to the forms tab of this site.

The National Student Clearinghouse is our authorized agent for providing degree and enrollment verifications. If you are an employer or backgound screening firm requesting this information please visit

Current Olin students may request verifications for insurance or scholarships through The National Student Clearinghouse. Semester based or cumulative enrollment data is available 24/7 via this service. Alternatively, you may also obtain a letter from the StAR Center via e-mail request to or via fax to 781-292-2344. To process an enrollment certification now, go to MyStAR on the portal.

FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act)
FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of students' educational records. Please refer to the current student handbook for specific details about the act.

Also, please note that Olin College may release directory information to outside parties without a signed release. Olin's directory information is defined as name; local address and phone number; email address; photograph; degree program and major / minor; dates of attendance; full and part-time status; degrees; honors and awards. Students have the absolute right to not allow disclosure of directory information if they so choose. To do so, a student must complete a Request to Prevent Disclosure.

Olin Self Study (OSS)
The Olin Self Study Requirement is a graduation requirement that all Olin students must fulfill with 4 credits of approved work. All activities give students experience in identifying areas and questions of interest; developing and following a plan of study in pursuit of understanding important concepts in the proposed area or in pursuit of an answer to the proposed question; and communicating the knowledge they gain, apply, analyze, synthesize, and/or evaluate through the investigation.

All OSS activities must explicitly achieve the following:

  1. Develop students’ skills in working independently to learn challenging material and to tackle challenging problems
  2. Develop students’ skills in communication relevant to the field and project
  3. Hone students’ skill and attitudes enabling life-long learning

Still have questions? For a complete User's Guide to Self Study @ Olin --- Click HERE

To complete the OSS requirement, all students must fill out the OSS completion form regardless of how they choose to complete the requirement. Approval varies depending on the type of project:
  • If fulfilling the OSS requirement with an AHS or E! capstone project, approval of the project will go through those program committees.
  • If fulfilling the OSS with research, the research must be a second semester of research with the same faculty member to insure advanced level work at a 3000 or 4000 level. The research must also include a significant self-study component, receive a grade, and allow the student to contribute on an intellectual level to a field, and produce a relevant deliverable such as a literature review or work towards a research paper appropriate for submission.
  • If fulfilling the OSS with an Independent Study, the work must be sufficiently advanced to be considered equivalent to a 3000 or 4000 level course, an Olin faculty member must be the primary point of contact for the activity, and the project must receive a grade.
  • If fulfilling the OSS requirement with an ARB approved course, the student must take the class for a grade. Courses can only be submitted for qualification to the ARB by faculty members. If a student believes they are taking a course that should fulfill the OSS requirement they should discuss this with the faculty member.

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